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Maker Filament Grab Bag 2kg (4.4lbs)

Maker Filament Grab Bag 2kg (4.4lbs)


3D Printer Filament Made in the USAArtfully Crafted 3D Printer Filament
Made in Beautiful Springfield, MO USA - We Have Made & Sold Over 1 Million Pounds of 3D Printer Filament & Counting! Get your share, support the movement and 3D Print American today! (click the US Flag to learn more!)

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Think about that price for a second... some retailers charge you $49 for 1KG of their PLA or even $59 for 1LB of PETG and you know what... it's all the same stuff; matter of fact we manufacturer a lot of those same brands for them right here at MakerGeeks as that's a big part of our business, private labeling for other large US based 3D filament and 3D printer companies. So why pay more... cut out the middle man and the fancy packaging and go direct with Maker Geeks and the Maker Filament brand!

As you might know Maker is one, if not the only 3D Printer Retailer in the USA that also makes all it's own filament in house; so we have a lot of flexibility on pricing and the ability to still give you second to none quality (click here to see our process and read about what we are doing here in Springfield, MO) we also source everything from our color to our resin to our spools to even the vacuum seal bags all inside the USA so when we say it's Made in America it is... from top to bottom!

So, here's the deal... sometimes you don't care what color you get - all you want is to have some fun! We get that - hey we are makers as well and a lot of times I just grab the first color that's on my work bench to print something out or to test a new idea. Enter the Maker Filament Grab Bag!! So, here's how it works...

  1. Choose your size (1.75mm or 2.85mm)
  2. Choose your material for spool #1 - see explanations below of each series of 3D printer filament
  3. Choose your material for spool #2 - see explanations below of each series of 3D printer filament
  4. Check out with FREE shipping and NO tax inside the USA
  5. Sit back and enjoy... we'll pick and pack you some awesome random colors (if you order multiple grab bags we'll do our best to make sure you get lots of different colors!)
  6. 3D Print till the cows come home... enjoy!! ;)

Here is a small break-down of what each Series of Maker Filament does... you can also click the name of each to learn much more about the properties of that particular 3D Filament:

  • Maker Series PLA - In house PLA 3D Printer filament - the best of the best and one of the easiest filaments to print with; great for everyone!
  • Maker Series ABS- Our in house ABS; we use medical grade ABS resin for this so there is nearly ZERO odor and very low warping compared to those Chinese filaments.
  • Maker Series PETG - Our engineering grade PETG filament; prints around 240c-260c and is great for all 3D printers.
  • Crystal Series PLA - Our optically clear 3D printer filament in stunningly vivid colors that are truly translucent.
  • Crystal Series PETG - Same optically clear filament as our Crystal Series PLA but just in PETG.
  • Maker Flex Filament (NinjaFlex Replacement) Filament - +($19.70) Our Maker Flex Filament (NinjaFlex Replacement); flexible 3D printing filament - prints around 215c - 230c and is great for all 3D printers.
  • Raptor Series PLA+($15.00) - This is our engineering grade PLA; it's as tough as nylon (6,000+ PSI), can be annealed to withstand temps over 260f (dishwasher safe/ auto-clave safe), is FDA compliant for food safe and is UV stable so no color fading. This resin prints just like PLA, nozzle temps around 205-235c and you don't even need to use a heated bed.

That's it... nice and easy!! ;) Hope you enjoy and be sure to pass this page along to your maker buds... post it up on social media and lets get the the word out today!!

3D Printing Facts, Tips, Tricks & Other Bottom of the Page Nuggets

What Temperature to 3D Print your Filament at?

While each 3D Printer is different and you will need to play around with the temps to get the best print here are some starter temps for you; these are all temperature profiles that are verified and confirmed print temps on the 3D Printers (9 different machines from pre-built D3 and D4 to our own DIY custom Reprap printers) with the actual filament we sell to you... so they will get you 99% of the way there!

230c - 235c

175c - Smooth
210c - Rough

165c (light colored wood)
210c (very dark colored wood)
240c - 265c

How do I get my filament to stick and STAY stuck?

This one is a multi-faceted answer but here are the basics:

  1. Your print bed has to be level!! I mean, spend some time on this one... if it isn't level like a... well... like something that's really level - then your print won't stick and it won't come out looking right.
  2. Next... CLEAN, CLEAN, then RE CLEAN, have a sandwich and a soda-pop and then CLEAN again... use acetone and a lint free towel to make sure your print surface is clean and free from oils and dirt.
  3. If you are having a hard time printing on glass try using some Kapton tape as that will give you a little better stick
  4. If you have a heated print surface... TURN IT ON!! Even when the filament used might not call for it, I always turn on my heat bed (who doesn't like a warm bed!!); even if it's just 40c it will really help. For PLA normally you'll want about 60c and for ABS you'll want 110c
  5. For ABS 3D Printing room temperature really matters... you need to keep your entire build warm; so if you can't print out in a warm room try putting a box over the printer to keep that build area as warm as possible.
  6. Try making "ABS Juice" - just add some scrap ABS filament to a bottle of acetone and let it dissolve and then use that to clean your print surface as normal; the dissolved ABS will give your printer extra STICK OR you can use "Aqua-Net Super Hold" hair spray (must be this brand to work right)... just clean your board as always and then lightly spray the Aqua-Net on the print board and print away (this method is my favorite as it seems to work best for me!)
  7. KEEP trying!! You'll get it and once you do have it dialed in then you have it forever... each printer is different; make sure you make notes of what works and what doesn't for each filament you use and each printer you have. So, in the future when you want to print out that EPIC "Yogi Bear" figurine in Blue you know what to set up your GCODE for.

What is the main differences between PLA and ABS 3D Printer Filament?

The main difference between PLA filament and ABS filament is that ABS is produced from fossil fuels and PLA is derived from biological resources, which makes PLA plastic biodegradable. Check out this 3D Printing Filament Impact Test -- PLA vs ABS vs PETG vs Sledgehammer (click here to watch the videos)!! When it comes to 3D printing the key differences between ABS and PLA are:

  • PLA is a rigid liquid and ABS is a crystallized liquid, meaning that when heated ABS transits slowly from a gel to liquid and PLA transits direct from solid to liquid.
  • ABS is more flexible and PLA is more solid, meaning when stressed PLA will snap sooner.
  • PLA is more glossy looking consumable than ABS (see photos when selecting your material).�

Wow, you have a 1kg spool of filament... SO What! How much actual filament is that??

Big question of the day is... how long is a spool of 3D Printing Filament!? Hummmmm, I think even Blinky the wise old owl might have a hard time with that question but never fear... we have the answer!!

1/kg Spool

PLA 1.75mm

PLA 3mm

ABS 1.75mm

ABS 3mm





... and what does that mean to me and you!! Well, check this out... if you are printing with 3.00mm filament for a iPhone case you need about 2,700mm of filament; for a EPIC Starship Enterprize Model you'll need about 12,000mm of 3D Filament and for a full Kossel 3D Printer Kit we normally use about 50,000mm of filament. Another way to look at it according to MakerBot is that 1 spool of 3D Filament produces about 392 full sized chess pieces. Whoa... that's a lot of chess!!


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3D Printing Filament MSDS Sheets

Maker Geeks Manufacturing, Inc. is located in beautiful Springfield, MO and is one of the first and only large scale producers of 3D printer filament in the USA ....we want to make sure you have all the data you need to safely use our products. A lot of time and love go into each spool that our tradesmen make here at our plant and we hope you enjoy  and make something really cool with your new Maker Filament!!


Maker Series ABS 3D Printer Filament - MSDS (click here for PDF)


Maker Series PLA 3D Printer Filament - MSDS (click here for PDF)


Maker Series PETG 3D Printer Filament - MSDS (click here for PDF)


Crystal Series PLA 3D Printer Filament - MSDS (click here for PDF)


Crystal Series PETG 3D Printer Filament - MSDS (click here for PDF)


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