• Nano Conductive PLA 3D Filament - 1.75mm / 1kg

Nano Conductive PLA 3D Filament - 1.75mm / 1kg

Nano-Conductive PLA 3D Filament is an industry first to use nano tube  particles to blend with a trademarked PLA resin to create an electrically conductive 3D printer filament.

Nano-Conductive PLA PLA from MakerGeeks really shows off in that you are not required to have a special 3D printer or expensive stainless steel nozzles to use Nano-Conductive PLA.

We are seeing a range of conductivity depending on your 3D printer and how the part is setup (long straight parts that are 3D printed in long straight layers seem to do best.) however our low is 20 ohm/cm and a high of right at 35 ohm/cm.

Just load it up as you would any other PLA 3D Printer Filament from and go to town. When you are finished you'll have a very strong, very safe and very conductive part! Now, that was easy! ;)

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