Transitional 3D Printer Filament Spools - Grab Bag 1.75mm

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MakerGeeks here in Springfield, MO processes up to 1.2 million pounds of 3D Printer Filament each year and during that we have some waste product. We call these transitional spools, these are either spools that are over weight, under weight, changing from one color to another or something else that we can't offer for sale on the website as grade A+ Filament Geeks - one of our operators, Jason, had the great idea to offer these for sale on the website... so we are!

Here is what you can expect from a spool of "Transitional" ... this can be anything we make on the website... it's a mystery as to what material and color you get. We promise that 90% of the spool will be within tolerance, from time to time when switching colors we'll see the filament go out of spec by maybe 0.1-0.5mm for a few meters and then it's dialed back in and off she goes. 

Some sections could be un-useable even and you might have to cut those out... just all part of the transitional deal and is reflected in the CRAZY low price!!

We have found a good cure for these issues can to be to use an oiler for your filament as well as increase the nozzle temperature 20-30c on these types of spools since the hotter temps and oil will help the filament feed better even though it might be out of spec, have flat spots, etc. While it's not a cure all it is again all part of the transitional spools deal.

Also, we promise that the spool will be from 0.80kg to 1.85kg. 

These spools will always be labeled so you know what the material is and they will always be one consistent material (resin) throughout the spool.

These are first come first serve and once they are gone, we'll have to wait for more to be made... so stock up while you can. Enjoy and please note by ordering this item you agree to enjoy whatever you get and you can't return transitional spools... it is, what it is. Have fun!!

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