UV Cureable Resin / DLP & Resin Printers

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Unlike the Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology we usually see on Makerbots and repraps, new generation of hobbyist printer uses light-curing resin and a DLP projector to build 3D objects. These printers use Digital Light Projection technology which produces objects with incredibly fine detail.

How does it work? A DLP 3D printer utilize powerful DLP projector to shine onto a thin section of photo-initiated polymer resin. The result is a quick solid cure of the entire layer in one operation and each time a layer is cured a movable bed is raised up in the Z Axis.

DLP is a much faster printing process that is capable of printing very high resolution models - each 0.1 mm thick needs about 8 seconds to cure. (info from 3ders.org)

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