• HDglass (PETG)- See Through Blue - 2.85mm

HDglass (PETG)- See Through Blue - 2.85mm

HDglass - See Through Blue is a beautiful high gloss and transparent ultramarine blue coloured 3D printer filament. HDglass is our new amorphous , high strength and ultra-transparent modified PETG compounded 3D printer filament range. HD stands for _Heavy Duty‰ÛÏ, as HDglass has excellent properties when it comes to strength, toughness and temperature resistance for same like materials. Next to being heavy duty, HDglass has a very impressive transparency as it is an amorphous filament, which lets 90% of the visible light pass through its fibre and has less than 1% haze. With HDglass you are now able to get the closest approximate to glass-like results for 3D printed objects. Printing with HDglass filament is very easy and comfortable as it has a great thermal stability, and superb first- and interlayer adhesion and does not produce any odors during 3D printing. HDglass is a perfectly save material as it does not contain any hazardous substances, is Bisphenol A free, RoHS certified, REACH compliant, and is even FDA food and drink contact approved. Because of its unique transparency and glossiness, the HDglass compound allows itself to be coloured in the most beautiful transparent and bright opaque colours. This same superb transparency and glossiness makes HDglass a perfect base material for adding thermal-, or UV light sensitive colour effects. HDglass is available in a variety of vivid colours and prints best at a printing temperature range within 215C and 240C. Printing with HDglass is remarkable easy, as it is a very easy to process material and an excellent first layer adhesion can be obtained by printing at various undergrounds without needing a heated print bed. A good first layer adhesion can be obtained by printing among others on EuroCel Blue Masking Tape, a Formfutura BuildTak sheet, Kapton tape, or PET tape without having to use a heated print bed. Dependent of the size of the printed object, HDglass can be printed at a high printing speed. As a matter of fact increasing the print speed makes your HDglass 3D printed object even more transparent. With its below displayed unique set of characteristics HDglass is a true asset to our Formfutura product portfolio. Extremely transparent Very though High strength FDA food and drink contact approved Odorless processing/printing Recyclable HDglass has an excellent roundness and very tight diameter tolerances, which makes this filament a perfect match with all common desktop 3D printers. Printing with HDglass 3D printer filament will go very smoothly with basically all FFF/FDM technology based desktop 3D printers, such as: Ultimaker RepRap (Mendel, Huxley, Prusa) WASP Sharebot Solidoodle MakerBot (Replicator, Replicator 2, Replicator 2X) Leapfrog UP! Plus, Up! Mini AND MANY MORE....! Product details Our HDglass 3D printer filament is wrapped on a transparent ABS plastic spool which contains approximately 0.75Kg of filament. Our spool-wrapped HDglass filaments are packed in a silica sealed bag and come in a full colour printed cardboard box, which in turn is also sealed in plastic. Please see below for more details with respect to the weight and packaging of our spool-wrapped HDglass 3D printer filaments: Filament Net Weight: å± 0.75 Kg Spool Size (D x h): 200 mm x 55 mm Spool Hub Diameter: 52 mm Carton Box Size (L x W x H): 200 mm x 200 mm x 60 mm Packaged weight 1.25 Kg For more technical specifications about our HDglass 3D printer filament, please have a look at the 'SPECIFICATIONS' tab. Recommendations for printing with HDglass filament It is important that your print bed is levelled properly and adjusted quite tight to the nozzle; This will make sure that you will get a good your first layer to your print surface. A good first layer adhesion can be obtained on EuroCel Blue Masking Tape, Kapton Tape, PET Tape, and Formfutura BuildTak sheets. It is important that your print surface is clean.

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Maker Geeks Manufacturing, Inc. is located in beautiful Springfield, MO and is one of the first and only large scale producers of 3D printer filament in the USA ....we want to make sure you have all the data you need to safely use our products. A lot of time and love go into each spool that our tradesmen make here at our plant and we hope you enjoy and make something really cool with your new Filament Geeks!!

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